jueves, 12 de febrero de 2015

Bleach london super cool colours in "The Big Pink"

When I came back I noticed that one post on my blog was considerably more popular than the others, and that was my review of Bleach London's "Rose" hair colour. I consistently rocked the bubblegum pink Avril Lavigne coloured tips over the Christmas period, but eventually the novelty wore off and I stopped colouring them, but not before I'd picked up a couple more bottles of the Bleach dyes in a few darker colours.

I've tried "Bruised Violet" in the last few weeks and I much preferred the dark tint, plus it lasted considerably longer than "Rose" (which some of you may also recall left me majorly frustrated at how uneven it was even on my bleach tinted hair.) Now, however, is the turn of "The Big Pink".

In the bottle, this is considerably darker than "Rose" but also looks closer to purple than pink. I might have been put off by this, having read some of the reviews of the blue tinted variations of these dyes, however having tried "Bruised Violet" I was pretty confident that this wouldn't stain my hair. This looked like it was going to be really dark, but it actually came out a really vibrant pink colour and (much to my delight) it was actually pretty even. I left it on for slightly longer than suggested, naughty, but it actually seems to have developed better after half an hour.

I've found the lasting power of these dyes can vary even when you use the same dye twice, but I'd say shampooing twice I'd expect this to last about four washes before most traces are gone. All in all, this is one of the better Bleach dyes I've used, not bad for a fiver!

Have you used Bleach London dyes? What was your experience?

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  1. I have always wanted to try bleach london and not a bad price too, it looks very pretty xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs