domingo, 8 de febrero de 2015

Benefit Brow Zings

I recently popped to my local Benefit counter looking to try Rockateur (which is amazing, by the way. Although a little too dark for me, I look slightly like a drag queen) but instead ended up walking out with the most amazingly filled in eyebrows I've ever had, and the kit to recreate them at home. That's right, I took the plunge and bought all twenty three pound's worth of Benefit's Brow Zings in Light.

First, how sweet is the packaging! The outside of this is black, blazoned with the product name, inside is a handy little mirror, two brushes for application and the sweetest set of mini tweezers with benefit engraved onto the handle. Every little detail has been taken care of in this kit, and you're definitely getting what you pay for. The kit is sturdy and compact and it's nice how neat it is, easy to throw together, add to your make-up bag and not have to worry about leaving anything you might need for an eyebrow emergency at home.

LEFT PHOTO: Left: Swatch done with hard angled brush - Right: Swatch done with blending brush // RIGHT PHOTO: Top: Wax and powder Middle: Just Powder Bottom: Just Wax

The kit comes with the two brushes needed to create the perfect sculpted eyebrow, one hard angled brush and one blending brush. The hard angled brush is perfect to create, as you might imagine, harsh lines and to arch the eyebrow neatly, whereas the blending brush allows for feathering the colour through the eyebrows to soften the look. One of the nice things about Brow Zings is that although the wax and powder can be used together, you can use just one or the other to get your eyebrows as dark or as light as you want them.

My one criticism of Brow Zings would be this is the light kit and it still errs towards being brunette, which is realistically probably too dark for my hair colour. It would be nice to see a more blonde kit, following in the steps of Soap and Glory's Archery.

Have you tried Brow Zings? How did it compare to other eyebrow products you use?

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