domingo, 8 de febrero de 2015

What's in my bag?

Lately I've been really enjoying people's posts on what's in their bag, I think it definitely shows what type of person someone is when you see their bag and what they carry in it. So, I thought I'd throw my own bag into the mix. For any of you who are interested my bag itself is a Cambridge Satchel and you can see me talk about it a little bit here. What's inside it genuinely what I normally carry around with me, only I excluded all the crap that's normally in the bottom (copper, bus tickets and recipe cards, normally.)

My notepad and pen, This is actually my pretty butterfly blog notepad, which I don't always carry around with me I was just in need of it today, I do always have some form of notepad with me though. I normally lose the pens I'm carrying within a week, this is a delightful little chewed up one (bad habit.) My headphones go without saying. Normally they'd be my gummi pink headphones but they've broken this week and I haven't had time to replace them, so I'm using my apple ones for the time being.

That tangle of blue ribbon is actually attached to my diary key which used to be permanently tied around my ankle, but quite often came loose in work, so now I leave it in my bag so it's always with me and to make sure my diary is safe from the prying eyes of my parents! Some chewing gum and a packet of migraleve are present in pretty much every bag I own, the chewing gum is a diet thing, I always used to chew it to stop myself eating or drinking things I shouldn't, the migraleve is because I get migraines, obviously. The anatomicals help the paw hand cream is a new addition, so new I haven't actually used it yet, in fact. Now we're into Winter my hands get chapped from washing them so much in work, and so I've thrown this in for a little bit of relief during the day.

Last but not least some lip products Nip+Fab Coconut Latte Lip Balm and Seventeen Stay Pout Lipstick in "Rule Breaker". These Nip and Fab lip balms I got in a set of three this time last year, they're oily on and perfect for chapped lips in winter. Stay Pout in "Rule Breaker" is a nice dupe for Kate Moss 107, without the perfumey smell, and it can be a lot less drying on the lip, a perfect Winter berry shade.

So there you go, if you can tell a lot about a person from a bag, no doubt a lot of you are wondering how boring one person can be looking at mine!

What do you carry around in your bag?

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